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what are the differences from working with an architect vs. structural engineer? Eventually, they started putting me in front of clients because I am pretty good at talking in front of a lot of people and can think well enough on my feet to avoid saying something that will get us in trouble. The latest Architect's Journal (24-31st July 2015) makes for sobering reading. Architecture is a lifestyle rather than a profession. 3. its always worth becoming "any1" that you want to. ...and a young American architect called Drew Paul Bell looks back at his experances here: The type of projects you work on can heavily influence you’re working life and everyday enjoyment of being an architect or student, this is slightly less of an issue when studying however, as the projects are often so malleable and open to interpretation that they can be shaped to meet even the most individual of interests. The truth is, almost none-of them are now. The house you live in will depress you. Happy Architects day <3 however you could consider related professions like project management, construction management who pays higher than architecture or bachelor of architecture and master of construction management. ...and for information on becoming an architect click here for what is required to be one. Architecture school can be expensive, not just from tuition fee’s but also from model making materials, printing cost, desktop / laptop costs and software choices. Architecture has a large set of diverse opportunities that range from initial design development to negotiating the planning maze, team management and maintaining client expectations, producing construction packages and dealing with consultants, negotiating tenders and managing contracts, following site works and assessing finishes ...there are many specialities and skill sets to develop. Or maybe its following some negative feedback during a critique or tutorial … we’ve all been there! If you want to be a lawyer, go get a 4 year degree, then 3 years of law school, graduate and take a test. Most projects are developed for profit and despite the fact that good design equals good solutions which translates into a form of measured success, everybody wants more for less. The studio environment contributes greatly to this, and we advise that you spend as many of your working hours in there as possible. is anyone currently doing the course, and is it worth it in the end? The hours you work are long and under-valued. This is an easy one because what I know is far from what I can afford. Life of an Architect World Headquarters (renovation). The only analogy I can currently think of to describe it is building a car so you can drive down the street. The good news is that buildings seem to be disposable now and it will only be a matter of time before your mistake is corrected by someone else. Those 12 were made up of 5 who designed things that actually got built and the other 7 designed things that sold the work that the previously mentioned 5 designed. Architecture is not easy, but if you dedicate yourself to it and are passionate about the subject it can be immensely fun. The fact that we do it here is evidence that other firms can do it as well if they made it a priority. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',666,'0','0']));You may find yourself first asking this question whilst as an architecture student, and probably during your first full night of work in the studio, where the sharp realisation of the huge mountain of work required has just hit home. Then again, 5 year olds don’t know much yet so re-evaluate from time to time. Unlimited architecture news from around the UK; Reviews of the latest buildings from all corners of the world; Full access to all our online archives; PLUS you will receive a print copy of WA100 worth over £30 when it is published in December. This when working within a professional practice can take very long time to achieve, with the creative freedom given to you as a student, you are free of restrictions. A lot of the course will require students to manage there own time in order to meet the project deadlines, this offers an excellent insight into what may be required when working within a professional practice, and gives students the opportunity to have some practice experience in managing their own time. You will need to discipline yourself to continually educate yourself on the entire building process, the business of architecture and how to go from one level of a project to another, until it's complete. If you get stuck working on a project that you just can’t engage with, you quickly become despondent and lack enthusiasm, which may be why you’re googling “is architecture worth it” in the first place! of course it is! Being an accountant is boring. Working with your friends and peers and being able to talk about, and bounce ideas off of each other is incredibly beneficial, and provides a much more relaxed working atmosphere. At any rate, aspiring to be a designer isn’t as great as you might think it is. At the moment i can only afford to go to University to complete a 4 year Bachelors Program. The majority of the time, architects work in an office. 7 years and you are in! Out of those 120, probably 108 were being developed as project architects and they never talked to a client. The length of the course is a long one however, which again requires the dedication and passion mentioned above, but also more fee’s than other courses. Building a house is a complex job, so you need to hire the right person to have the process run smoothly. We really needed them both in this particular meeting. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'archisoup_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_14',125,'0','0'])); As mentioned, Its not a get rich quick profession, but for most of us the job we do and the career we chose is unfortunately what we will spend most of our lives doing, and being able to enjoy it, is extremely powerful ...and lucky! Like any line of work, there are parts that can be a little dull or monotonous, but … Understand that architecture is largely an urban profession. If there is 200 hours of time allocated to produce construction drawings (at your billing rate) and you work 8 hour days – that 25 work days of time. Is hiring an architect worth it? eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'archisoup_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',672,'0','0']));When working within a practice however, being interested and therefore invested in the projects that they do and that you work on, is one of the most important factors to consider when applying for a position. We basically go to school to learn how to learn – architecture isn’t a trade. Learn design with Doug Patt at his live virtual webcam studio. …you are all in it together, and if there is ever an area you start to struggle with, you can almost guarantee that someone else will have the answer or at least be able to help. Maybe that should be a post – do architectural firms really care about their employees? im a 9th grader and since 8th grade ive wanted to become an architect, but just recently i looked into how grueling it can be to even get your licenses and even after you get it you have to compete to get your idea sold. This is either because they are the only other people you see because of item #3, or your interests align closely so you run into the same people (because architects don’t stop being architects at 5:00pm). Architects go to school for a long time, take a lot of demanding tests, and have to work for years to gain the experience to call themselves an “architect”. Jan 9, 2015 - Being an Architect may be hard, but it's totally worth it! Cheers. For a profession, working with friends is incredibly rare and is a huge positive of being an architect and working within the architecture profession. you only need to look at How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby! An architecture student has already done this. Student’s design all types of buildings, make all types of executive decisions, and never really face the harsh realities of business, codes, constructability, and the public. Its not a quick way make money, and if that's your soul requirement then its not for you, but in the long term your potential income could be up there with the other top professions. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'archisoup_com-banner-1','ezslot_11',849,'0','0']));As a student there are very few limitations, with no real clients, budget constraints or other consultants to contend with, providing endless opportunities to express your creativity and to really experiment with your architectural response. Some people are built for it, others are not. The harsh reality of becoming an architect is that you spend many years in college being your own Starchitect (Star Architect) in your imaginary academic bubble. 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming An Architect January 16, 2014 Posted by randydeutsch in architect types. A lot of work goes in to creating buildings and very little of that time is spent on design. So while I was trying to schedule a meeting with both of them, the husband got mad that we “weren’t listening” when the wife said she could handle the meeting without her husband. In terms of excitement, accounting might not compare with being a fighter pilot, but it’s not fair to assume accountants are bored to tears on a regular basis. Being an architect is a long, tedious process. I am talking about 401K programs, dental and vision insurance, availability to get long term disability, flex spending accounts, etc. I am one of the lucky ones because I work at one of the rare (rare like finding a live platypus in your toilet kind of rare) firms that offers almost all of these things and we only have 6 full time employees. The role of project architect can be very rewarding but there will be aspects to that job that you never imagined could be so tedious and boring. There, they meet with clients, draft plans, work on cost estimates, file permit applications with municipal building departments, and help clients set up agreements with contractors. But first lets define "worth it". Architects design the commercial buildings in which we work and the residential buildings in which we live. Therefore, anything you read on this site is not a substitute for actually working with me. Great for them, sucks for you -it’s hazing for adults. It’s the point of architecture … Architecture practices come in a variety of sizes, ranging from large international practices with multiply offices all over the world through to the solo practitioner that could be working from his or her kitchen table. I have already written about the pay structure for architects (you can find it, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), View lifeofanarchitect’s profile on Facebook. Basilica Architecture More information We are often asked if we think architecture or being an architect is "worth it", and whether you have, or currently are studying the subject …this is worth a read 7. I have already written about the pay structure for architects (you can find it here). As a student "worth it" to us was getting the most out of being a student, and this means enjoying your subject as well as having a social life. It took me 6 years and 207 degree hours to get my Bachelors degree in Architecture and I studied abroad during that time. This all influences your level of enjoyment of being an architect, and again the options are there for the taking. The only analogy I can currently think of to describe it is building a car so you can drive down the street. Currently I am a draftsman for an architectural firm and it seems like there is too much responsibility for the low pay of being an architect. If they were lucky, maybe they talked to a contractor but it took years to get to that level. There is one person in our office that comes closest to meeting the definition of “designer” but even she does more than that. Though the occupation has many benefits, architects face certain disadvantages because of the unpredictability of their work schedule and the up-and-down nature of the national economy. The best aspect of studying to become and actually being an architect is that we enjoy what we do, and generally speaking the ones that don't, probably dropped out along the way whilst studying. I have heard many pros and cons about becoming an architect. if you are after your passion then it is worth it. You can find it here, Filed Under: Architects, Career, Do you want to be an Architect?Tagged With: Do you want to be an Architect, Top Ten lists. I have not tracked this information but rather basing it on what I know from colleagues working at other architectural firms. I have not tracked this information but rather basing it on what I know from colleagues working at other architectural firms. I get to spend a lot of my time designing (in my office of eight) but I spend a lot more time doing other things. Maybe glamorous is a better word than fun. Is it worth hiring an architect for my new home? It doesn’t always work that way. We are often asked if we think architecture or being an architect is "worth it", and whether you have, or currently are studying the subject, given the time it takes to just be qualified, let alone the roller coaster ride of actually working within the profession, it is not surprising it is such a  popular question. There will be times when you are told to do something that you know is terrible and the absolute wrong thing to do. But first lets define "worth it". You are probably thinking that a clearly stated result, while demonstrating the error in the alternative, will win out. Of course this price can vary greatly depending on housing options, scholarships, and what university you attend. Very few architects 10 years down the road into their careers are “designers”, most are project architects. Small practices on average are able to offer a much more hands on and practical experience, that will allow you to work on all stages of a project and develop a much more rounded skill set. This is part of its beauty, its incredibly diverse, and a good architect will not just have one skill set, and will use this to create opportunities for increased opportunities and pay. So, I don't know if I made any sense to you or anyone else, but it's just my two cents worth after being in the profession for 20 years. …and if you do find yourself yearning for more income, then the qualities an architect has sets them up perfectly to develop a secondary income. The time you spend working on a project, in many regards, is proportional to the quality of the end product. They didn’t know that I was trying to get both the husband and wife into the office so we could give them the drawings, wish them luck, and then kick their sorry butts out the door. We’ve seen people fall asleep at their desks, in presentations, tears and hysterical crying, work being torn from the walls, models being broken, angry guest tutors …and that's not to mention the pressures of printing and presenting your work. In my class, everyone thought they were the next super-designer. Please note that I didn’t say that you would be making more money because we have already rung that bell. I didn’t have to worry about how it was going to be detailed – that was someone else’s job. This is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing a profession, given the amount of time we spend with our coworkers. 9. what could be better! Currently, the national average for college tuition per year ranges from $9,970 – $34,740 (depending on whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student). It is very difficult to separate out the desire to create something with the business of how much time you have to create it. I’d like to think that most architects are pretty bright individuals and if they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer they could have. I know there are lucky souls out there that can spend at whim, but I am not one of them. There is a general acceptance that the industries pay could be higher, and you dont need to look too far to see what the other professions are earning after taking a similar amount of time to complete the studying. $49,850 – $173… As a result, architects tend to work late hours developing scheme after scheme to evaluating possible solutions. 2. We have found however, that if a practices output meets your interests then so will it its employees. Which was a lot more than I had anticipated. I know of about 10 married couples where both are architects. We design and shape the environment people live in and depend on. If you are reading this list, you owe it to yourself to read the list of reason why you should be an architect. Is Architecture & Being An Architect Worth It? Most architecture programs are 5-year programs so we’ll multiply this out to account for that. February 23, 2010 by Bob Borson144 Comments, 1. A lot of work goes in to creating buildings and very little of that time is spent on design. Oh yeah – the projects you do that are good will also be disposable and shortly torn down to make way for yet another branch bank. It will take time to recuperate the initial costs of architecture school through your future professional employment, but you’ll be designing buildings for living! ... he or she will visits the project site to make sure that the home is being built according to drawings and specifications. Because architects are opinionated, they will argue for points that the client has clearly stated that they do not want. Copyright © 2020 Archisoup. Most practices have a specific building type that they predominantly specialise in (one-off houses, housing, education, public, hospitals, corporate etc), and so it is key that this captures your interest. Lets take a more detailed look... eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'archisoup_com-box-4','ezslot_8',848,'0','0']));Studying to be become an architect is a full time commitment and requires a lot more input than most other university and college courses, but through this it also offers a lot more. It just takes patience. I mean every single person. I am thinking about becoming an Architect because it uses both computer and design, and i really like both of those. Anyway, long story short, I thought it might be worth to have an architect come in and just see what they think about how best to use the space. I worked for 6 years before taking the Architectural Registration Exam (passed them all on the first try btw) and was rewarded with a healthy raise of $0. A majority of architectural firms do not offercomprehensive benefit packages that would be considered standard in other professional industries. So does architecture provide this? From a social point of view, large practices obviously provide a larger and more diverse experience with many having their own sports teams and clubs. Is architecture right for you? Tags: 2014 aid emerging professional summit, AEC, aid, architect, architectural education, architecture, architecture profession, architecture school, careers, emerging professional trackback. I am only in grade 10 right now and still have 2 more years till University. Marry someone with higher earning potential (doctor, lawyer, etc.). We are often asked if we think architecture or being an architect is "worth it", and whether you have, or currently are studying the subject, given the time it takes to just be qualified, let alone the roller coaster ride of actually working within the profession, it is not surprising it is such a popular question. Architects are friends with other architects. Our How To Increase Your Salary post highlights some of the most popular. The complimentary advice provided on ‘Life of an Architect’ is based on an abbreviated examination of the minimal facts given, not the typical extensive (and sometimes exhaustive) analysis I conduct when working with my clients. So is it worth … However, if you are passionate enough, you will flourish and thrive in it. The choice of the architecture practice you choose to work at or architecture school you study at cannot be overlooked, it is fundamental to making sure your architecture career and experiences are as enjoyable as possible, and helps to ensure your overall job and career satisfaction. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For most students they study architecture to be architects, for someone studying a broader subject like say history, the available avenues can be huge, with many opportunities requiring further education and training. if you are after money then it is not worth it because there are other professions who make double salary than architecture.

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