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Each engine block has a casting number integral with metal castings for identification purposes. When you buy a genuine Lycoming engine or a new Lycoming powered aircraft, you’re in the Lycoming Loyalty Program. VW Beetle (a.k.a. CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array(CSPreloadImage,/*URL*/ '1lam.serial.on.jpg'); Choose from the alphabetized serial prefix list below, enter the serial number and hit the search button. CSAct[/*CMP*/ 'B86CE133226'] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/*CMP*/ 'books',/*URL*/ '1literature.on.jpg'); ISBN Search. So far this search only works for Italian Vespa motors and only the blue links on the manual search work. Reverse Telephone Number Search websites: You can type a phone number or STD code to try and find out information on the phone number - what area that STD code is located. The block casting number can tell you important things likestandard bore diameter & stroke length, performance characteristics, and in the case of a Chevrolet V8 block, the crankshaft journal size and very often but not always the type of main bearing caps (ie two or four bolt). Stamped Engine Serial Number Usually the frame number will be something with a "T" at the end ex: VSX1T for a P200E. Here is a list of casting numbers, along with their original applications. The many different search engines on the web are optimized to different things in different context. As shown above in the 1928 Model A Ford Instruction Book, Ford did in fact specify the engine number to be the 'serial number' of the vehicle, during the Model A (and B) era, and throughout the 1930's.The Specifications and License Data page above in the Instruction Book is quite clear and specific about this. Custom Search For convenience, the Engine and Chassis numbers have been split into various sections. Find a book: Search. More to come soon. motor image by Petr Efremov from You can identify a Chevy by the numbers on its engine block, recorded in an official Chevy engine block registry. CSAct[/*CMP*/ 'B86CE112223'] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/*CMP*/ 'service',/*URL*/ '1factory.on.jpg'); If your engine has a decorative cover, it may be necessary to remove it in order to locate the model number, type, and engine code. Below you will find both Triumph engine and frame numbers for Triumph 650 unit twins from 1963-1968 and a Triumph 650 models list from 1963-1968.Frame and engine numbers will be the same assuming they match as they would of when they left the factory. Engine Number. CSAct[/*CMP*/ 'B86CE0F2218'] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/*CMP*/ 'manuals',/*URL*/ ''); CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array(CSPreloadImage,/*URL*/ '../restorations/arrow.jpg'); CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array(CSPreloadImage,/*URL*/ '1factory.on.jpg'); CSAct[/*CMP*/ 'B86CE0EC211'] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/*CMP*/ 'parts',/*URL*/ '1parts.on.jpg'); Note that "replacement" VW engine cases have no engine serial number. or other registration The other registrations kinds on the PPSR include proceeds of crime, hoon lien, court order and other prescribed property. EIN (Employer Identification Number) An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is also known as a Federal Tax Identification Number, and is used to identify a business entity. This is only a test database so please email me if you know the results are incorrect. For ease of use, I've kept most engine capacities on one page, however this does mean that. Some pages will be slow to load. Look for the serial number on the lower portion of the engine, which is called the crankcase. Identifying a classic motorcycle from its frame and/or engine number is important for parts ordering or valuation purposes. Other Search Engines Worth Considering Wolframalpha. Also engine numbers may not "track" the chassis numbers. Using an ISBN is the most accurate and reliable way to search for a book. It can do all sorts of calculations, for example, if you enter “mortgage 2000” as input it will calculate your loan amount, interest paid, etc. It’s that simple. Omit any stars symbols from the serial number. CSInit[CSInit.length] = new Array(CSPreloadImage,/*URL*/ '1parts.on.jpg'); 10051184 Small Block V8 4 bolt, Bow Tie, 4.00-4.160 bore, 1-piece rear seal Find vehicle registration details via how to find vehicle owner details by trace vehicle location search rto trace car registration owner and. CSAct[/*CMP*/ 'B86CE0F2217'] = new Array(CSSetImageURL,/*CMP*/ 'manuals',/*URL*/ '1manual.on.jpg'); Vespa Motor Number Search (Including Spanish MotoVespa motors) Choose from the alphabetized serial prefix list below, enter the serial number and hit the search button. 10036033 Small Block V8 350, 4-bolt, Goodwrench crate engine, 2-piece rear seal.