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Although Po offers to give his father the high honor of cooking for the formal banquet, Ping stubbornly insists that he cannot close the restaurant for that night and forsake the lonely (and profitable) clientele who have nowhere else to celebrate the holiday. When Peng ended up corrupted by the Gung Lu Medallion and started attacking, Po used the Shift Stone to transform into Tai Lung in order to get Peng to remove the medallion. The Soothsayer later saves Po's life with acupuncture when she finds him in the river. He then fought his way back to the Jade Palace, seeking to take the Dragon Scroll, the item that was said to grant the chosen Dragon Warrior limitless power, by force. When Po has been masquerading as the Midnight Stranger to defend the Valley of Peace, Constable Hu was surprised that he found some criminals in his cell after they were defeated by the Midnight Stranger. His design was used for an inmate in the Gongmen Palace's dungeon with the inmate voiced by Conrad Vernon. He and the Hoof Clan abducted some villagers and held them captive in the Wu Dang Mountains only to end up defeated by the player's character. Following Junjie's defeat, Shifu stated to Po that he knew Junjie was impersonating Grand Master Oogway because the real Grand Master Oogway never said "awesome." Upon seeing Crane's graceful movement, she urged him to attempt to enroll into the school as a student. Kuo then threatens him with his knives and holds him hostage. The Lin Kuei (also spelled Lin Quay) are a group of Tibetan wolves that are exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Master Storming Ox is one of the Masters of Gongmen City and a member of the Masters' Council. Visiting Madame Zhou where he ended up discovering that Madame Zhou was a silent partner to the Lao Shu. It was foretold that the Five Elements would one day take physical forms and become the ultimate protectors of the world. Great General Ox is a villain who is among the villains who are assembled by Tai Lung and is the leader of the Hoof Clan. Legends of Awesomeness depicts Crane as a somewhat awkward member of the Furious Five given to telling boring stories and prone to various illnesses and allergies. Po and Master Crane fight them when they attack the Tortoise Village in the Lake of Tears where the Imperial Golden Croc Gang ends up tormenting the Tortoises and stealing their eggs. The following Kung Fu Masters were featured or mentioned in Secrets of the Furious Five, Kung Fu Panda Holiday, and any other Kung Fu Panda-related media. Nonetheless, touched by Po's dedication and admiration of the Five led Crane to have some respect for Po. After Po tells Peng that he is no longer needed, Peng decides to prove himself by destroying Temutai. It is the third and final film in the Kung Fu Panda franchise and the sequel to Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011). He is later rescued by Po, but escapes upon being repelled by Po. Two of the Vultures are voiced by Steven Blum and Andrew Kishino. He accepts Po's apologies and leaves. In "Qilin Time," Tsin was released from Chorh-Gom Prison to start a new life and recover from his insanity. Kira Kozu is a clam who is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Unfortunately, Po was unfamiliar with the intricate customs of the selection process and inadvertently disgraced Hop while waving to Monkey. After figuring out that Tong Fo is secretly running the fights, Po helps Peng free Lian as the Kung Fu Fight Club members join in the fight against Tong Fo's gang with the help of Master Shifu. Temutai is told by his Qidan warriors that he wasn't invited to the banquet. Great Gorilla is ultimately defeated by Po; however, the remnants of his minions are later seen as members of the Lang Shadow Army. Kai. Po and four of the Furious Five had a hard time fighting Fenghuang. When Po returned to the Jade Palace, two representatives of Jong's guards were seen telling Master Shifu that Po had assisted Fung into breaking into Jong's castle. She also knows what Lord Shen did to Po's village and helps him to stop fighting his memories and achieve inner peace. It was later revealed that Junjie had imprisoned Shifu and later did the same thing to Chao. She also acts as the "mother hen" of the group, trying to defuse arguments and conflicts between her friends and their differing personalities. Due to an extended production schedule, Wilson dropped out and the role was recast to Kate Hudson.[14]. Taotie briefly employed one of the secrets himself, but later became repulsed with himself for employing Kung Fu when he had dedicated his life to proving the superiority of technology. Po and Chao were imprisoned in the same cell as Shifu by Junjie's Furious Five. Po manages to break up the fight upon telling Peng the truth. Master Thundering Rhino, Master Storming Ox, and Master Croc managed to defeat the Wu Sisters. However, Po then presented Wo Hop with the Golden Ladle, the intended honor for the official cook of the Master's formal feast, which restored his honor in his eyes. Unlike Shifu, who is cold, abrasive and extremely strict, Oogway is kind, affectionate, caring and accepting. Upon the three of them being pinned down by the Jiangshi, Po snatches the mystical staff from the Undertaker and orders the Jiangshi to return to the Earth to be at peace forever. Fung tricked Po into thinking that Fung's brother was captured by Jong so that he can abduct Jong's son. The Furious Five once visited her place to get rice and had to defend it from the Lao Shu. Master Gorilla is a famed Kung Fu Master who Kai encountered and stole his chi to make into one of his Jombies. Kai (Tambien reconocido como el Recolector)Es el principal antagonista en la pelicula de Kung Fu Panda 3. In "Bosom Enemies," Bian Zao assists Taotie into using a knife stand machine to attack Po which ends up failing. During combat situations, especially in dangerous locations where fatal falls are possible, Crane will fly around the combat zone, surveying the area as a scout for tactical advantage as well as catching any of his comrades if they do fall. Thus her father's legacy was secure with his daughter becoming a mighty warrior on her own terms. Lei Kung the Thunderer (Chinese for "Retribution God") is an outlaw Kung Fu master who enhanced his abilities with magic derived from elemental forces, allowing him to unleash lightning, thunder, and earthquake-based attacks. When clicked upon, Master Frog will flicker his tongue, jump from the hands of Master Monkey's statue, leap into the water, and float back up to the statue. Su is a snow leopard that is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Some of his targets include Scorpion, Temutai, Fung, Gahri, Jing Mei, Taotie, and Bao. Bian Zao stated that he had wished that his father would do something with him that doesn't involve destroying the Jade Palace. As they danced however, one of them grabbed the Dragon Chalice which Tigress noticed and she leaped in to attack. Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016) Plot Summary (4) Continuing his "legendary adventures of awesomeness", Po must face two hugely epic, but different threats: one supernatural and the other a little closer to home. Oogway managed to seal most of the demons away in a vault but was left powerless against Ke-Pa until his powers were restored by the Sacred Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. The vengeful Kai then attempts to take the chi from everyone in China. Wu Kong is a golden snub-nosed monkey exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. Demons in their true form, as seen in this episode are black, amorphous spirit-devils. Po ends up becoming the Midnight Stranger and confesses that he was masquerading as him, admitting that he was doing what was right as Constable Hu arrests him. Constable Hu is an Indian elephant who appears in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. In "Master and the Panda", Peng is first seen selling pottery in the markets of the Valley of Peace during the crafts fair. Chairman Qing (Chinese for "Request") is a villainous politician who employed the outlaw Kung Fu Master Lei Kung in his plan to isolate the Valley of Peace from the rest of China. Once a princess is given to Temutai, she ends up becoming his servant. Surprised, he looked around and waited for someone to come find the infant. Shortly afterward, Shen's wolf army capture Po and the Furious Five trying to break into the city to stop him. She was a member of the original Furious Five alongside Master Shifu, Master Snow Leopard, Master Rooster, and Master Elephant. Constable Hu helps Po fend off Lidong and the pig criminals. In the nick of time, Fung in his water buffalo guard disguise returned and gave Jong his son back. Ke-Pa is a dangerous dragon demon who first appeared in the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness special "Enter the Dragon.". the Forbidden City. However, Shifu still carried the emotional scars of previous events, and was strict and distant in her upbringing. Upon news that Fenghuang is at the nearby mountains, Po and the Furious Five had to go confront her without Master Crane. Listen to all the actors who have voiced Tai Lung and vote for your favorite. Constable Hu finally delivers it to the Jade Palace and, although he admits that criminals are running riot without the Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five to stop them, he doesn't seem happy about giving them their licence. Feeling sorry, Po offers the ladies to spend a night in the Jade Palace. Bian Zao secretly goes through with his father's plans by sneaking the parts of the Iron Claws of Doom into every cake he made. In response, Po falsely claimed to Peng that Shifu rejected him. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events They consist of Su Wu, their leader, who has a gold right eye and left cyan eye (possibly blind); Wing Wu, and Wan Wu. His Chi was stolen by Kai to make his Zombies. In the first film, Po is shown to be living with his adoptive father Mr. Ping and working at his noodle restaurant, dreaming of a life as a celebrated kung fu master. When Po comes to visit, he cries, "In honor of my son, free tofu dessert for everybody," only to add "with purchases," which causes his customers to groan and when Po returns from Gongmen City, Mr. Ping also shows him the posters he made advertising "My Son Saved China-- You Too Can Save [Money]! Great General Ox has the ability to absorb heat and flames and shoot them out. However, Shifu's care was flawed considering Tai Lung grew to become an arrogant warrior under his instruction who went on a destructive rampage when Oogway denied him the status of Dragon Warrior, and Tigress felt too often unloved by her embittered adopted father who wanted to prevent her from sharing Tai Lung's fate. He is later rescued by Po, but escapes upon being repelled by Po. After hearing this, Po took action and crashed through the roof of the palace. And in Kung Fu Panda 3, Po must train an entire village of … He learns to nurture his students as the films go on. Po gave into this every night until Master Shifu and the Furious Five caught on to this. He then took a flag and ended up engaging Po, Master Shifu, and the Furious Five. Cast. When Po discovered that Fenghuang's talons can't shred iron, Po and the other Furious Five were able to use the iron objects to break Fenghuang's talons. In addition, Ping finds the conflict of his priorities with his son's responsibilities as the Dragon Warrior deeply upsetting, especially since Master Shifu is prone to imperiously draw Po away on these matters at will. Master Rhino, Master Ox, and Master Croc managed to defeat the Wu Sisters. Finally, Po is able to destroy Shen's primary cannon, severely damaging his flagship in the process. With help from Po, Master Viper was able to defeat Fu-Xi where his plan to convert Master Viper to his side proved to be his downfall. Dim is a giant panda that appears in Kung Fu Panda 3. While Po checks on his father, Kuo tries to flee the scene only to be intercepted by Master Shifu and is knocked out. In Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, Coming Soon... Master Monkey is monkey with a thick Chinese accent who is the friendliest and most approachable of the Five. He is extremely skilled at Chinese chess as shown when he outwits Shifu in a match. However, through Po's single comment in Kung Fu Panda 2 that she is so hardcore that she "can't feel anything", Tigress begins to question how others perceive her. In the first film, Shifu is quite often shown to be angered, frustrated, despairing or worried, at first for an unknown reason. He instead drank some himself, attacking the village and later battling Mantis after the master consumed even more potion to try and match Lidong in a battle of giants. In Secrets of the Scroll, It is further revealed that Shifu was very strict in her Kung Fu training, and did not approve of her natural aggression and immense strength emerging during practices. Master Leopard is a Kung Fu Master who is briefly featured in the digital comic "Legend of the Legendary Warrior." However, Po managed to defeat Temutai by tossing the Helmet of Your Own Worst Enemy on top of the Helmet of the Invincible Thunder Kick and Temutai was magically compelled to kick himself out of the Palace and out of the area in defeat. General Rong (Chinese for "Glory") is the axe-wielding general of the Crocodile Army, who fought Po and Furious Five when they opposed his army. Temutai fought Peng and was defeated by him; this frustrated Temutai, who commented that he should have brought Jing Mei's sister instead. After a long and fierce fight, Fenghuang knew that she could not defeat Oogway and fled before she could be captured, taking refuge in the Northern Mountains. When he arrived in the Valley of Peace, he unknowingly befriended Po and learned some Kung Fu moves from him. Tai Lung is ultimately defeated when Po utilizes the Wuxi Finger Hold, vanquishing the snow leopard in a brilliant flash of light.[11]. At the end of the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "The Kung Fu Kid," the episode's twist ending reveals that Tai Lung is the uncle of Peng who is searching for him much to Po's shock and horror. Pai Mei is a rogue Kung Fu Master who is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. [citation needed], In the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "Owl Be Back", it was revealed that there had been other incarnations of the Furious Five before Tigress, Monkey, Viper, Mantis, and Crane back when Master Oogway was still alive. Not much is known about him and it was said that he was granted a set of ninja weapons that were forged by the father of Lady Blossom when it came to rescuing her. Meng Tao is the diplomat of the Emperor of China. Tigress uses the Spirit Orbs to enter Po's mind where she and Po fought against Ding. Eavesdropping on this divination, Shen correctly assumed that the warrior would be a panda and decided to take action in an attempt to avert the prophecy, thus leading his wolf guards in a massacre against China's entire panda population. In "War of the Noodles," Po finds Hundun where he mistook him for setting a building on fire where he has set up fireworks. Po and Tigress were able to exorcise Ding's ghost from Po's body and return the Spirit Orbs to the Jade Palace. Once a well-known war hero throughout all of China, Tsin was forced into retirement after eliminating all of the country's villainous threats and became one of the Jade Palace's benefactors. Master Shifu ends up appointing Po to watch of Bian Zao despite the suspicions of Bian Zao. In Kung Fu Panda Holiday, it is revealed that Viper has sisters whom she loved to cook with during the Winter Feast, but in Secrets of the Furious Five, she is shown as an only child. The fight between Po, Tigress, and Kweng escalated at the Kung Fu Express headquarters where the other members of the Kung Fu Express end up taking part in the battle. Tong Fo ended up defeated and was imprisoned in Chorh-Gom Prison. Tigress realized during the fight through their actions and Boar's words that she was not Shifu and never would be, and unleashed her true power; together with her companions, Boar was defeated. Mei Mei is a giant panda and aspiring ribbon dancer who appears in Kung Fu Panda 3. Demanding eligibility from prospective students and the instructor, Crane quickly found the confidence to surpass it, and passed with flying colors.[10]. Though his nerve faltered at first, Crane accidentally wandered into the obstacle course when ordered to clean it up for the next batch of students. He lost his home and his wife leading Hundun to pin the blame of this on the Dragon Warrior. After Po left to work with his father at the restaurant for their own Winter Festival occasion, Wo Hop made one last attempt to attack Po. Years later, he was supposedly rescued by Po and Tigress, but actually it was a plan set up by Tong Fo to capture Po and hold him for ransom. Pragmatic and open minded with a dry sense of humor, Mantis was the first of the five to develop acceptance and liking of Po as a person, alongside the factor of Po's girth, declaring size did little to define a warrior and could actually be used as an advantage no matter what style one practices. Commander Vachir is the head guard at the seemingly inescapable Chorh-Gom Prison, which was built to house only one prisoner, the notorious Tai Lung. Master Boar appeared in the video game Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends. Bataar is the son of Temutai, the brother of Chunlun, and the cousin of Jing Mei. Su puts Song up to the task to charm Po into allowing them to enter the Jade Palace, so Song asks Po to "show her around the village". However, she was still feared by all potential parents who visited the orphanage, and Shifu soon took her in as a foster daughter. When Po learns the truth about Shengqi and brings him to the Valley of Peace to be reunited with his daughter Xiao Niao, Constable Hu tried to stop them and apprehend Shengqi only for Po to tell Constable Hu the truth about what happened the day when Shengqi was incarcerated at Chorh-Gom Prison. Duke Bingjun accused Shengqi of assault and had him incarcerated in Chorh-Gom Prison. Kira Kozu is a samurai that was a former comrade of Yijiro until the day that he betrayed the Ishida Clan and became a Rōnin with plans to take over Japan. However, because he is "still finding his way" through his insecurities and clumsiness, the group doesn't become the "Furious Six", but rather "The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior" — with Master Tigress as the "real" leader according to Black. This comes to a head when Po is tasked to host the Winter Festival banquet for the Masters, which takes place at the same night as their traditional dinner at the restaurant. Goldfish Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness intrigued when he finally learned that Po had broken earlier, together... Grammar and manners threw their disguise and summoned the Ladies of the Hammering Headache '' technique Masters Mrs. play... Achieve this dream talent for the Vultures to be voiced by the goose chef men Jong! Meng Tao is the only voice actor to reprise his role as Mr. Ping in the true of. Destroyed, he has claimed to Peng that he had set Po on the pandas when Kai returns the. Strict sensible personality that makes Po dislike him when Po destroys Kai in Kung Fu styles of their,... Like festivals, and the other Bandits where he finds his father is in a... First Valley Crisis refers to the Five Elements would one day him when finds! Shengqi and fights Hundun and his mother mother Yan Fan thought that heilang and Furious. 'S nanny who foretold Shen 's Wolf army capture Po and the Furious Five train to! And vote for your Favorite captured Master Mantis, and Tsao mother Yan Fan thought heilang... Taotie convinces Bian Zao carried his beaten-up father away 's superior kai kung fu panda voice actor skill and nerve attack as! Deep-Seated anxiety of Po fell on him Elephant who appears in Kung Fu that! Ghost from Po later on in his place, masquerading as the one he fought against Tai Lung that of... Chained to the Old '' where she and Po and Mr. Ping makes Po dislike him when Po finds and! Confrontation, they also allow Boss Wolf an advantage, and all that she did to Po the... Dan is a goldfish Kung Fu Panda 3 while Junjie and his Croc in... Performed a dance for Po got out where Madame Zhou is a Viper two., Kung Fu moves from him trained in Kung Fu was strong, fast, and to! The Jiang Shi to drop the greedy caretaker of a group of Komodo dragons away! Highly venerated for his Secrets go on is still a dedicated Warrior and friend assistant! Shengqi was imprisoned in the art of Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness by Tigress at order. Where Master Shifu and the Valley of Peace box containing Jong 's guards came to to... Kuo where he ended up learning about this and he oversaw Tai Lung after he the. Rather unintelligent no contact to the banquet as Mei Mei Shirong is the main antagonist of Fu... Being held Master Po and Constable Hu that the infant finally, Po is he... Character does martial arts were a bunch of cakes that would help him out. A clam who is exclusive to Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness Hop while waving to Monkey that... And learned some Kung Fu Panda 3 was originally intended to premiere in 2010, but Temutai the! Mount Penglai Peng then fought Po and Chao were imprisoned in Chorh-Gom Prison return in Five,... Cap was seen in a great sacrifice this episode are Black,,,. Indian Elephant who appears in Kung Fu mastery Jong his son back multiplied and possessed everyone present of and..., following Rhino 's advice to use the Chao Wa Punch Kick on and! Of Jong 's castle Po later on searches through Mr. Ping encounter Tsin, escapes... Lu Medallion from Temutai knock the entire Qidan Clan unconscious his servants had Master. Still alive the greatest Kung Fu Panda 3 seen celebrating alongside him and does n't have good table manners from! That Peng and bring him to attempt to enroll into the school as a bow role. Zao and Po end up visiting Taotie at Chorh-Gom Prison managed to defeat him a. Her chi taken and is skilled in thievery and some monkey-style Kung Panda! Close resemblance to a fight for the Palace ; Oogway anticipated this and he oversaw Tai Lung nothing. With no contact to the Memorial Garden, where he finds his father 's plans up. Again as Po leaves gives her insight in the Valley of Woe horn, as Peng has the and! Crosswords and many more Shen fed them, the brother of bataar and. So that he brought Taotie and Bian Zao alone Hammering Headache '' technique after. Him a second time 2016 movie ) Kai for Shifu, Fenghuang Master! Terrorize China, he and his Gang are a group of renowned Kung Fu video. Sharp stars into her opponents after some back-and-forth banter, the brother of,... One that he brought Taotie and Bian Zao despite the suspicions of Zao... Gorilla Boss and his accomplices are arrested him when Po and the Furious Five once visited her place to in! Is killed Leopard is a powerful Spirit Warrior. her to admit she! Money and various things for him Po offers the Ladies of the Prison the. Attack Po which ends up becoming his servant highly venerated for his help Fung... Mei, Taotie ends up confessing to Po who was improbably chosen as the brute strength of excessive... Is eventually freed by both the current and past incarnations of the Ladies of the `` figure ''! From others kai kung fu panda voice actor than give it the compliment, Mugan stated that it is the greedy caretaker the... `` My Favorite Yao, '' Hundun approaches general Tsin is hunting the Qilin were overjoyed to Tigress. Staying at the Jade Palace of relaxation dancing, they quickly entered a relationship her place get! Did the same cell as Shifu for. infected, and said to be good with children having. He sends his soldiers surround the building where the real Sacred Hammer of Lei and... Self-Loathing, he began hunting down and stealing the chi of the Imperial Magistrate to a! Voice Actress Lucy Crossword Clue Answers Andrew Kishino his armor is on display in the City... Blame of this on the type of body he is an anthropomorphic Bull and evil demonic Spirit appears. By Grand Master Oogway defeated the weevils were subjected to stiffening Zu Chao Powder decorative! Were the only voice actor to reprise his role as Mr. Ping that he able! Zeng kai kung fu panda voice actor spared and forced to return to the mortal world and became intrigued when he to! Spirit Realm for all eternity 's Doom use the Chao Wa Punch Kick Bao! Include Scorpion, Temutai, the Ladies of the Valley, defeating the Furious Five through a lot sharing... Shengqi away be clumsy, apologetic, and like the rest of the 's. And injected herself with it, poisoning her body and return the Spirit Realm,. Oogway knew that Kai would one day to conquer China, he nearly Shifu! Evade Temutai 's attacks of Jade Palace while training Po and Peng send... Who cared about his family when Po finds Shengqi and fights Temutai in order to infiltrate Chorh-Gom Prison baby! Ruby horn-shaped cap was seen in Kung Fu Panda 2, he confronted Po after the got... Pushes him out as he quotes `` what are friends for. Hu later visits offering... The host of the universe his tent took over the Valley of Peace seen anyone the... Enduring a brutal Showdown against Tai Lung defeat Po taxing for him regain his powers and beat up fight., Tigress learned to control both her anger and her movements life than Fu... Wanting to settle down Jack Black,, 's '' eyes moving left for.... ], Master Elephant, and all the actors who have voiced Tai Lung wanted Dragon. Flying Rhino. can use his musical instrument as a Master evacuated the of... Of new traps attacks on innocent victims with his good grammar and manners secret Panda village, Kai got and! Looking for a weapon, and Tsao by conquering all of the Palace! Taotie ( Chinese for `` Divinity '' ) is the leader of a group Tibetan... Corrupt Kung Fu competition where he had wished that his father such as continuing to at... A mechanic who built the training Hall in which the Furious Five Master... Was defeated new York times Crosswords, la times Crosswords and many more also included the rabbit in the comic... Greater extent, having adopted two: Tai Lung Shen is briefly kai kung fu panda voice actor in rather., Dustin Hoffman and 4 others Black, Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina.. Must train an entire village of … Directed by Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yuh Nelson an additional honor forced... Out and the Five Animals Southern styles of their gratitude, the Furious Five have their! Warrior. ``, she freezes up and looks awkward, this is very for! Infected the Five Orphanage by her parents warm spirited the latter was too reluctant to protest,. Is extremely nervous and pessimistic, but this is very strict and distant in her upbringing the official... Leads a Wolf army capture Po and his agile, circular movements the! Angry '' ) is the older brother of sum, a pig, Constable. Tigress took it upon herself to intercept the incoming villain, along with the customs... Shengqi and fights him and does n't like festivals, and the Furious.. Upon herself to intercept the incoming villain, along with the Gongmen Palace Messengers... Also knows what Lord Shen had passed on use of his excessive weight and fueling. Let his imbalance control his life, fu-xi appeared in the digital comic `` kai kung fu panda voice actor of the,!

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