california department of general services procurement division

65 Purchase Documents STATE OF CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES PROCUREMENT DIVISION . The Department of General Services acts as the business manager for the state of California. The development of California’s first building-related environmental specification started in early 2000, when the Department of General Services’ (DGS’s) Procurement Division was in the process of issuing a request for bids for a three-year, $60 million open office systems furniture contract. A. State of California – Department ofGeneral Services, Procurement Division DGS PD 07- 1 (Est. April 2019) State of California – Department of General Services CONTRACTING ACTIVITY REPORT Procurement Division Page 2 of 6 _____Form Completion Instructions_____ assistance/subvention agreements, or court-ordered settlements or cost. completed an audit of the California Department of Transportation’s (Caltrans) contract delegation as required by the Department of General Services’ (DGS) Exemption Letter 13.0 dated June 17, 2016. The California Network and Telecommunications (CALNET) Program is focused on providing services that meet the State’s complex and critical telecommunications and network business needs. 8/07) Section II Change Request . The Department of General Services (DGS) serves as business manager for the state of California. State Contracts – Learn about the California State Contracts Register. Promotional items shall come with all benefits of the statewide contract terms and conditions and shall include all provisions such as warranty and delivery. Form 810 (Rev. In California state government the Department of General Services serves as the lead for environmentally preferable purchasing (EPP). Purpose. The purpose of the audit was to determine if the Division of Procurement … For general procurement inquiries (non-related to CaleProcure): Department of General Services, Procurement Division Email: Phone (Toll Free): 916.375.2000 Hours: 8am - … The Division of Procurement and Contracts is responsible for assisting Caltrans districts and programs with the procurement of information technology (IT) and non-IT commodities, service contracts, architectural and engineering (A&E) contracts, minor public works contracts, the CAL-Card Administration and Compliance Program, property control, and compliance reporting. State Departments 1) Std. Section 14601 establishes DGS in the executive branch of state government under the Government Operations Agency and specifies that it is under an executive officer who is known as the Director of DGS. The Department of General Services (DGS) is found in the California Government Code Title 2, Division 3, Part 5.5, which includes Sections 14600 to 14985.11. Section II Information: Identify the following information for each proposed change (a separate page can be attached): Contract User Instructions . PURCHASE EXECUTION. DGS helps state government better serve the public by providing services to state agencies including procurement and acquisition solutions [buzzword], real estate management, leasing and design services, environmentally friendly transportation, and architectural oversight and funding for … The following are links to the California Department of General Services’ website, which provides information for small businesses and DVBEs: Selling to the State – Learn how California government acquires goods, services, and information technology. Identification: Solicitation/Addendum Number Project Name Targeted Release Date Department Name . 9.

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